Your DeFi dashboard for the ICON Network

Get better insight of your liquidity pool positions, track your yield farming rewards, and maximize your returns.

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Monitor your liquidity pool performance

Track net profit and farming rewards for your liquidity positions.

Track your impermanent losses

Compare net value of your position vs hodl and manage your impermanent loss due to price variation.

Plan your allocation for maximum yield

Build a virutal portfolio and discover best allocation for your liquidity.

Get quick overview of your liquidity holdings.

Find out how your liquidity mining strategy has performed relative to your initial deposit.

Get advanced analytics using real-time data from blockchain and price oracles.

Export your earnings record.

Whether you are mining or staking, you will be able to download the history of your claimed earnings with ease.



What is Foligator?
Foligator is a smart dashboard that allows you to track your liquidity pools and yield farming performance in real-time. Foligator lets you monitor your LP strategies by providing relevant information at a glance.
What is impermanent Loss?
Impermanent loss is temporary change in deposited funds during liquidity mining. Foligator provides the information about the impermanent loss of your positions.
Is my information private?
Yes. We do not store any private user information. We do use Google Analytics to monitor site traffic.
How does Foligator calculate my liquidity provider gains/losses?
We take the difference between your assets at initial prices supplied to the Liquidity Pool and your assets at current prices + rewards. This gives us the shift in the value of your position.
How does Foligator get the data for my portfolio?
We make calls to smart contracts to fetch user specific data from blockchain. We also utilize APIs developed by Trendpeek, Geometry labs, and ICON tracker.
Who is the team behind
We are a small team of developers at Trendpeek lead by @bearsurvivor who want to contribute to the ICON ecosystem.